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Plastic Injection Moulds

We Plastosil Moulds are involved in offering utmost quality of Plastic Injection Moulds. Plastosil Moulds is able to manufacture and supply a high-quality selection of Plastic Injection Moulds with the help of the most competent and cutting-edge technologies. Plastic injection moulding is a procedure for creating custom plastic parts in small or large quantities for commercial and industrial applications. The applications cover a wide range of sectors, from complex automotive safety components to simple business card holders.

Pastosil Moulds creates moulds for plastic injection that are used to produce high-quality moulded plastic parts using a mix of expert mould designers, software technology, and pricey CNC machines. As the next step in manufacturing your custom moulded parts, our injection moulding professionals look forward to working with you on your mould construction project. We are Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, Contractors, Manufacturing Company, In Mumbai, In Navi Mumbai, In Thane and all over the India.

Plastic Injection Moulds

Our Products

  • Automobile Plastic Mold
  • Thin Wall Mould
  • Automotive Plastic Mould
  • Helmet Mould
  • Injection Moulding
  • Plastic Product Mould
  • UPVC Pipe Fitting Mould
  • HDPE Fittings Mould
  • CPVC Fittings Mould
  • Electrical Home Appliances Mould
  • Oil Containers Mould
  • Plastic Paint Bucket Mould
  • Plastic Cap Mould
  • Plastic Closure Mould
  • Electrical Mould
  • Plastic Injection Moulds
  • Pharma Mould
  • Bucket Mould
  • Mould Maker
  • Plastic Household Product Mould